A number of recent media articles have focused on the issues foster carers are currently facing, particularly with regard to changes in registration practices and issues with levels of pay.

Our discussions with a range of local government organisations has provided us with some insight into these issues, and we wanted to share our thoughts on the wider range of measures that council’s children’s services should consider to increase in-house fostering levels.

1) Be more ambitious – and invest in the skills and resources needed.
2) Make it easier to become a foster carer through improved engagement and customer service.
3) Provide wraparound emotional support for foster carers, alongside CPD.
4) Make pay more competitive.
5) Ensure foster carers are part of the solution, alongside social workers and providers.
6) Explore social investment models, such as multi-systemic therapy

For anyone interested in the broader issues affecting fostering, then we’d recommend a very insightful Blog that can be found on the excellent FutureGov website.