Strategy and Policy Development Transformation Commercial and Performance Business Development Service Design Communications and Engagement

  • Strategy and Policy Development

    Identifying and exploiting opportunity

    We ensure that organisations can see what is coming. We identify new opportunities, as well as risks, and facilitate strategic development, including budget; policy; corporate and service development. We help organisations to understand what they need to do to predict, react, adapt and innovate, so they are two-steps ahead.
  • Business Development

    From setting the strategy to submitting the tender

    We enable organisations to bid for, and win, large-scale, complex government tenders. We design bid strategy, manage the bid development process, and deliver a compelling bid narrative. We provide insight, innovative ideas and hold a proven track-record of success across health, work, skills, justice and local government.
  • Transformation

    From methodology to mobilization and beyond

    We deliver complex transformation programmes within budget and to deadline. We provide an end-to-end service from scoping and structuring, through to engagement and launch. Our transformation programmes are underpinned by detailed strategic business cases and programme management, change and analytical expertise.
  • Service Design

    Designing service that meet customer need

    We create new services by looking through the lens of the customer. Our collaborative approach, working with service users and frontline staff, enables us to combine external insight and internal knowledge. This insight, paired with our innovation and creativity, ensures we can develop new ways of working that deliver higher quality services, and improved results.
  • Commercial and Performance

    Improved performance through analysis, understanding and insight

    We have a proven-track record in improving commercial performance. Through detailed analysis of an organisation’s delivery model, supply chain and MI, and by asking the right people the right questions, we create practical plans that deliver improvement. Our insight improves service user experience and supports commercial negotiation and engagement.
  • Communications and Engagement

    Talking about the right thing, in the right way

    We create communications and engagement programmes that make sure the right people can access, understand and act on the right information. Clear, tailored messaging, an understanding of what motivates people and well-thought-out delivery ensures our strategies deliver results.